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About Us

Business Development and Marketing Experts

ADROOBA brings with it over two decades of combined business development experience. We are one of the premier companies for business development and marketing. Our goal is to provide individuals seeking to be in control of their financial destiny, with the opportunity to earn as much as they desire by making available to them, new, proven, innovative and practical tools for internet business.


A Win-Win Business Model

Through comprehensive research and careful studies of over 345 internet companies, we have put in place a business model to allow anyone, earn money through their online presence. Simply sign up with and you gain access to your very own marketing site that could consist of all your business information, along with three other applications that packages your business with some of the highest and most well-known brand names in the world. 

The list includes top names such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Dish TV, Diamonds International, Coastal Vacations,, eBay, 1-800Flowers and a host of others. This would mean you not only have a portal of your own to promote your business, you are guaranteed to get noticed and you are able to reach the millions out there. The object is to drive traffic to your site and have them click an item that leads back to eBay and other vendors as well.

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