Travel Packages

Travel Packages Overview

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on timeshares, vacation packages, and retail travel, when you can book the same accommodations at WHOLESALE PRICES through Coastal is a club membership that you can use for the rest of your life!

Vacation as often as you want and at prices you can afford!!

Our exclusive travel Packages allow you and your family to vacation at thousands of resort properties, condo properties,

Whether you choose a cruise, a condo, a theme park vacation, a campground, or a hotel, you’ll never pay full-price again!

Coastal has three Travel Packages to choose from:

Level 1 – The Resort Package

The Level 1 Resort Vacation Package includes: 20 Membership Cards, Deep discounts on condo rentals & resort stays, RV hook-ups, recreation, hotel stays, restaurants, golf, cruises, car rentals, the industries lowest airfares, theme parks, hundreds of vacations and cruises and more!

To learn more about the Level 1 Resort Vacation Package, click on the image and print the Level 1 Brochure:

Level 2 – International Package

Includes Memberships, Hundreds of Vacations around the World and Unlimited Cruises.

To learn more about the Level 2 Resort Vacation Package, click on the image and print the Level 2 Brochure:

Level 3 – Universal Travel Package

Expand the boundaries of your travel to the rest of the world. With the impressive array of destinations in the Level 3 Universal Travel Package, you are sure to find a destination that suits your desires. Level 3 includes unlimited Prestigious Bonus Vacations!

To learn more about the Level 3 Resort Vacation Package, click on the image and print the Level 3 Brochure:

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is simply a combination of all three Packages (Level I, Level 2 and Level 3) together.

Purchase all Three Packages together today and save $1295!

For the intelligent traveler who wants to have it all. Why settle for just one? Your complete “Platinum” Travel Package contains hundreds of Domestic and International Vacations and Cruises. You get everything in all three packages for just $11,000.00…that’s a savings of $1,295.00!

The Platinum Package is only $11,000!*

Get the Platinum Package (All Three Travel Packages Together) today!

Why get the Platinum Package?

Here are a few reasons why:


With the Platinum Package you’ll have unlimited access to thousands of 3-day to 14-day vacations to destinations all around the world! What can you do with all those vacations?


Get started right!

Get your “Platinum” Package TODAY!

*The Platinum Package discount is only available when all three Packages are purchased together on your intial purchase. If you purchace Level 1 today and Level 2 or Level 3 at a future date you will be required to purchase the Level 2 Package at the $3500 price and the Level 3 Package at the $7500 price.