Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

We have gathered together the most frequently asked questions about Coastal and have presented them for you below. They are grouped into two sections: questions about Coastal Vacation Packages and the Coastal Business Opportunity. Just click on the question to get the answer.
How can all this value in a Vacation Package cost only $1295.00 wholesale?
First you have to understand how the Vacation & Travel Industry works. The price of a resort stay, cruise, or an airline ticket depends entirely upon projected capacities and vacancy rates. A resort rarely achieves 100% capacity, and empty rooms cost them money. Resorts will reduce the room rates and create special packages to attract guests to their resorts because people will always spend money on restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and casinos. Another factor is that Coastal purchases in huge quantities.
Are these vacations genuine? How can they possibly sell such an expensive package for such an incredibly low price?
Absolutely genuine! Resorts as well as marketing companies have been selling similar vacation packages for 25 years and generally selling them at much high prices. Nearly all hotels, resorts, cruise lines, etc. have vacancies on an ongoing basis. They find that participating in Vacation Package programs is a viable form of "advertising" to bring in guests who obviously then spend money in their restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Then, these trips have long been a mainstay for several agents. Today many savvy travelers use promotional packages such as this for their vacations savings thousands of dollars each year.
Are there expiration dates on the various offers?
Your first two vacation certificates that come with your package are good for one year. All your other free vacations are good for one year after the date you mail in the voucher to activate that particular vacation. The 20 travel discount membership cards can be renewed as a group for only $89.95 per year. This is less than $5.00 per card with more to be added. Many regular cardholders pay from $50 to $199 a year to renew a single card. None of our clients take 20 plus vacations with 5 cruises each year. By activating each vacation when you're ready, you can take every vacation at your leisure. And your 20 bonus vacations are still valid even if you choose not to renew the membership cards.
Are the individual vacations and airline discount coupons transferable?
YES!! Rarely will you find Transferable as an option in the travel industry. But we've got you covered! Most families simply do not have the time to take advantage of the wide array of great vacations in this package. So why not use the ones you want and share the rest with family and friends. The membership cards (issued in your name) are not transferable.
How far in advance must we make our reservations?
Plan ahead as you would any major vacation, choosing several preferred time periods. Through your club membership you will also have access to "shorter notice" trips (if they are not sold out) at huge discounts for cruises, vacations and condos worldwide.
Are there any restrictions on when we can travel?
Generally speaking, the vacation packages will not be available during the heaviest peak seasons and during the major holidays. Some providers might ask you to submit three choices as to when you want to travel - and they'll nearly always accommodate you. However, with so many available destinations, you should be able to travel almost any time you wish.
With such great bargains can I resell some of these individual vacations?
No. These are promotional vacations and are not to be individually re-sold. But you can give them away to others. You might even donate a vacation to a non-profit organization or school raffle. If you own a business, reward your best employees. Or use some of the vacations as incentives to increase sales of big-ticket items.
Will I need to go through a sales pitch to get a free cruise?
No. No crazy sales pitch! All you need to do is submit a request for you preferred dates and you will be notified as to which one of your preferred dates is available.

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